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Spunky and curious Orphie, a young girl in Ancient Greece, sets out to save storyteller Homer and his Book of Heroes -- a quest that takes her from the heights of Mt. Olympus to the depths of the underworld.

Commissioned by the Kennedy Centre. Premiere: February 2014

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“ORPHIE & THE BOOK OF HEROES at the Kennedy Center is an epic success”
   - The Washington Post

“Pure Delight… smart, funny, original, and bursting with potential.”
   - BroadwayWorld

“…as much heart and love as Frozen captured this winter.”
   - DC Theatre Scene

"The Kennedy Center-commissioned Orphie and the Book of Heroes, in its World Premiere, creates a new definition of “hero” in a tidal wave of brilliant songs, humorous dialog and a whip-smart little girl who is not so little on the inside.”
   - MD Theatre Guide

“Chocked with valuable lessons, this exciting and entertaining new musical is a rare treat not to be missed!”
   - DC Metro Theatre Arts

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"The Book of Heroes"

In the show’s opening number Orphie (Haven Burton) imagines herself as her favorite hero Heracles, battling a slew of fantastical monsters. With Tim Jerome, Greg Hildreth, Marcus Stevens, Sam Edgerly, and Natalie Charle Ellis.

"Scrawny Little Orphan Girl"

Imaginative Orphie (Haven Burton) is taunted by three of her peers (Greg Hildreth, Marcus Stevens, and Sam Edgerly) who don’t think that she has what it takes to be a hero.

"What Would a Hero Do?"

When her guardian, Homer, is taken to the Underworld, young Orphie (Haven Burton) wrestles with what to do next, advised by an apparition of her favorite hero, Heracles (Greg Hildreth).

"To Be a Siren"

As she travels to Mt. Olympus, Orphie (Haven Burton) encounters the sassy Sirens (Greg Hildreth, Marcus Stevens, and Sam Edgerly), who attempt to convince her to stay with them on their island.

"He's the Man"

Orphie (Haven Burton) finally arrives at Mt. Olympus, set on asking Heracles (Greg Hildreth) to rescue Homer for her. However, she soon discovers that the hero is not exactly what she expected. With Sam Edgerly and Marcus Stevens.

"The Heights of Mt. Olympus"

Having been rejected by Heracles, Orphie’s (Haven Burton) hopes are dashed. She begins to believe that she may not be cut out to be a hero after all. That is, until Hermes (Sam Edgerly) attempts to convince her otherwise.


Credit: Scott Suchman/The Kennedy Center

New York, NY
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