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Song Cycle

This series of musical snapshots attempts to make sense of an increasingly senseless world. Featuring the K&D favorites "Random Black Girl", "Can't I Just Be", and "The Temp & the Receptionist", HOMEMADE FUSION is a tale of love, loss, and candy bars.

HOMEMADE FUSION has been produced around the world. Selected productions include the Ambassadors Theatre, Carnegie Mellon University, Chicago's Monday Nights New Voices, Indiana University, and Oklahoma City University.


  1. I Will Be Me
  2. Homemade Fusion
  3. Oh Henry!
  4. Lucy's Laugh
  5. Blue Horizon
  6. To Excess
  7. Breathe
  8. The Chaos of You
  9. I Think that He Likes Me
  10. Out of My Head
  11. Can't I Just Be
  12. Random Black Girl
  13. Walking Without You
  14. Sherman & Madeline
  15. Lost in the Waves
  16. The Temp & the Receptionist
  17. Finale

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New York, NY
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